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Insurance-Forums.com is the world’s largest insurance community, bringing together more than 76,000 registered members in an ongoing, vital dialogue about the insurance industry and how to succeed in it.

Offering tips, ideas, data points and real-world lessons contributed by industry participants, Insurance Forums creates and sustains an ongoing dialogue that unites independent and captive producers, carrier executives, and other insurance industry leaders in a highly accessible discussion and information exchange. It’s like nothing else in the industry.

An organic community that’s built on trust, Insurance Forums developed from the ground up, by providing a trusted meeting ground where insurance professionals could talk shop, exchange ideas, share best practices and learn from one another. The vision of an open exchange that provides collective wisdom from thousands of experienced agents and executives inspired the stellar growth of the forum from 2006 to today.

Today, Insurance Forums is the largest online community for independent producers, hosting conversations around more than 78,800 topics, offering access to more than a million message posts and actively engaging more than 260,000 registered members through our mainstay web site plus social-media extensions. No other online resource gives you this much exposure, this quickly, to the world of insurance professionals.