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For speeding up your brand’s marketing, there’s no media vehicle like Insurance Forums. With over 122,000 unique visitors a month, it is the largest online community for insurance agents and independent producers. Hosting conversations around more than 40,000 topics, our mainstay website plus social media extensions actively engage more than 200,000 each month through discussions and original content concerning the insurance industry and how to succeed in it.

Winning time

Unique in its discussion format, Insurance Forums unites independent and captive producers in ongoing dialog. Unlike any other industry website or trade publication, Insurance Forums has organically grown a community where agents and producers discuss and share information, tips, success stories and trends. More than double the amount of time spent on any other insurance industry site, Insurance Forums offers advertisers a venue rich in relevant content and an opportunity for connecting with insurance professionals. 


Unbeatable Track Record

Insurance Forums began in 2006 and has organically grown to over 53,000 registered insurance professionals as members. The unique open exchange found in the forum discussions and original content written by seasoned journalists has demonstrated, day after day, how powerful discussion among peers can be. Insurance professionals come daily to the site to share, learn and network.  


High Performance Options Available

A variety of sponsorship, advertising and custom media options are available to align with your budget, timing and marketplace goals.

  • Banner advertising
  • Microsites
  • Native Content
  • Sticky Advertorials
  • Social Media promotions
  • Videos
  • Webinar hosting
  • White papers
  • Slide Shows


The Fast Track

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