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  • No Variable Annuities in Fla ?
    I spoke with a friend of mine today, and he tells me that his "FLA 215 lic, will no longer allow him to sell Variable Annuities in Fla? Even the 215, issued by the "state of Florida" says on it, licensed to sell Variable annuities. * What's the this true? * Is this true for all companies? thanks for your input... ~G...
  • Indexed Sales Soar While Variable Annuities Tank?
    As preparations are underway for the new DOL Fiduciary Rule implementation next year, sales figures this year are showing fixed indexed annuity sales are soaring while variable annuities are tanking. Are you seeing this? And any surprises among the top 10 in 2016 YTD indexed annuity sales? 1. Allianz Life of North America - $5,838,461,000 2. American Equity Investment Life - $3,213,473,000......