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  • Is It Possible my Dad Had Life Insurance Through my Moms Employer?
    Hi all! I have one question. My father died in 2008 from leukemia. At that time my mom was working and they both had health insurance from her employer. My mom cant remember name of that health insurance company. Not long ago one of our friends told us that his father also passed away from leukemia and his mom collected life insurance (50k) form his employer. And his employer was -......
  • P&C With A Life Insurance Question
    Hello Life guys, I have a life guy that sends me business every now and again and recently he had me do one of his financial profiles. He states that he believes after reviewing with me that he thinks I should be in NYL's whole life policy with paid up additions and catastrophic rider with a 300K face amount as an investment. I am 27 non married and don't own a home and really the only......
  • Ineffective communication limits life insurance sales
    Study: Ineffective communication limits life insurance sales - Wink (
  • Looking for Life Insurance Plan
    Hello All, I am looking best life insurance plan in Toronto. Can anyone suggest me the plan which has good coverage include my family and also have less monthly premium. Thanks in advance !...
  • Life Insurance Companies
    Can anyone tell me how much cash a insurance company has to have on hand for every dollar of insurance they sell. What is the ratio, and where can I find this information? I have looked and googled everywhere and get nowhere....
  • Website for Life Insurance Quotes
    I wanted to put together a life insurance website with a quoting system where people can get quoted and buy the policies straight from my website without having to speak to me directly. This is the website that I'm looking at as a model. How would this be possible to get a quoting system that would allow people to buy directly from my site?? reference:
  • 10 Ways to Screw Up when Picking Life Insurance Beneficiaries
    10 ways to screw up when picking life insurance beneficiaries | LifeHealthPro (
  • GA in CA for Life Insurance
    Hey everyone, Do you recommend a GA for life insurance? I'm seriously so frustrated. Seems like so often where I get a case in underwriting and I have to do all the follow up work. Isn't that the job of the GA? Do you have any recommendations where I can just refer the client and the GA or carrier takes care of the rest?...