Life Settlements
  • Trend Watch: New opportunities for advisors and retiree clients with unwanted policies
    New trends – such as “life loans,” eligibility of smaller policies and retained death benefits – are emerging in the life settlements market, according to industry veteran Stephen Terrell. These developments beyond a traditional life settlement might make more clients a good candidate.
  • Chris Orestis joins GWG Holdings as EVP of Life Insurance Secondary Markets
    GWG Holdings, Inc., the parent company of GWG Life, announced that Orestis, the former CEO of Life Care Funding, has joined the company while GWG President Michael Freedman will leave the company May 15.
  • Advances in underwriting: Saliva samples now being used to analyze biomarkers of settlement prospects
    GWG Life claims it is the first insuretech company to apply “epigenetic technology” to analyze overall health and life expectancy – which it says could transform life insurance underwriting.
  • Life Settlements and the misinformation game
    Despite major positive shifts in recent years, many agents still experience a large education gap when it comes to facts and fiction about life settlements. Author Stephen Terrell says more and more boomers are asking about them, so agents need to know when they can be a viable solution.
  • Non-recourse premium financing for in-force policies an alternative to surrender for older clients
    Surrendering a policy due to rising premiums is an unpalatable option for many clients 65 and older. The often-ignored secondary market can provide some attractive alternatives, including a new premium financing strategy for in-force policies.
  • Stats, demographics suggest life settlements industry well positioned for long-term growth
    The U.S. life settlement industry appears to be well positioned for sustained long-term growth, based on sales trends, consumer demographics and awareness, the regulatory environment, improved industry infrastructure and an influx of capital. Do you know how to identify good potential candidates?
  • Market growth, trends and the future on tap for upcoming 2016 Life Settlement Conference
    Steady growth and emerging trends will be on the minds of life settlement brokers, providers, service providers and institutional investing professionals when they convene in the Windy City during the middle of May for the 22nd annual Spring Life Settlement Conference.
  • LISA announces date, agenda for upcoming 6th annual Life Settlement Conference
    This year’s conference, set for Feb. 22 in NYC, will include an economic outlook, real-life investor experiences in the life settlement market, performance and valuation standards, and an in-depth analysis of building and managing a portfolio in the tertiary and secondary markets.
  • Evolving business opportunities on minds of life settlement pros as LISA conference prepares to convene
    The Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) has confirmed a number of prominent speakers from the arenas of life insurance and financial services, social media marketing, state regulation and capital markets for its 21st Annual Fall Life Settlement & Compliance Conference, set for Oct. 18-20 in Clearwater Beach, Fla.
  • When is a life settlement right for a client?
    A quick look at the kind of questions an agent needs to ask to determine whether a life settlement would be an appropriate option for a client.
  • Life settlements: A new way to pay for long-term care
    There's a different way to do a life settlement that isn't an immediate cash payment. Instead, it puts the money into a benefit account so claims can be filed against it for long-term care services, with any unused amount going to a beneficiary. Chris Orestis with Life Care Funding will be giving a complimentary webinar on this strategy on March 31 and April 2.
  • Landmark life settlement case brings up fundamental questions for carriers, agents
    The Life Settlement industry will be keeping a close eye on the Larry Grill, et al. v. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company court case, as an outcome in favor of the plaintiff would have a profound impact on consumers becoming aware of a life settlement option before lapsing a policy.
  • 3 reasons why life settlements are on the rise
    The life settlement market has rebounded from the downturn that started in 2007 and is currently on an upswing with strong growth predicted once again in 2014. Here are three contributing factors to the market’s brightening outlook.
  • Six Things Not To Say When Selling Insurance
    Selling insurance can be viewed as an art form, and each agent approaches it differently.  Plus, with constantly changing technology, regulatory shifts, and other social and economic pressures, agents may have to change their strategy depending on the situation.
  • The Top Six Life Insurance Reads
    Students of the life insurance industry are always looking for resources to add to their library of knowledge.  For new agents and seasoned veterans alike, pertinent reading material can be a major boon to a life insurance practice.
  • Buying Whole Life Insurance For A Child
    How would an agent demonstrate the value of buying whole life insurance for a child?  At first glance, there appear to be lots of better alternatives, like a savings account.  While a whole life policy would accumulate some cash value over time, only a small amount of the premium would contribute to the cash valued portion of the policy, and the policy only adds the monthly average interest once per year.
  • Using the Infinite Banking Concept In Your Practice
    Recently, our readers discussed what they like and dislike about the infinite banking concept ("IBC").  The Infinite Banking Concept is an idea that uses whole life insurance as a savings accumulation vehicle.
  • Explaining the Incontestability Clause
    How do insurance agents and companies handle untruths on behalf of their clients?  The incontestability clause was originally designed to manage situations wherein an applicant fails to mention something that is relevant to a life insurance policy and how it is approved and issued.  In the case of these omissions, the clause can be used to contest payout of the policy if the applicant dies within two or three years of the issuance.
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  • Stars Aligning for Life Settlements Market?
    Posted a new article (link below) about how prospects are currently trending up for life settlements market – and forces are in place that could keep it that way for a while. One of the people quoted in the article said most advisors may only run across an opportunity for a life settlement once every two or three years – which seemed a bit surprising. But he also pointed out he thinks most......
  • Question on Comp for a Life Settlement
    I have looked on here and did not see what I was looking for so I am asking.. I am close to getting my first life settlement done. Client had a 10yr term running out, in terrible health and could not afford to convert. Was about to let the policy lapse. I will get to convert the policy, about a 22K target, so that is very nice but do you typically take anything else? The buyer is saying......
  • Reputable Life Settlement Firms
    Can anyone point me to some firms that are above board? I have a client that is potentially interested in some non traditional investments, life settlements being something we want to look into. Thanks...
  • Life Settlement Leads
    I'm new to this site and greatly appreciate any feedback. I'm relatively new to the life settlement industry and have joined up with someone that has been doing life settlement for a while, but sourcing leads based on personal relationships. I'm looking to expand outside of these personal relationships and would love to hear any advice on this industry from this forum. What's the best way to get......
  • They Say "The Life Settlement Market is Heating Up"
    A recent article, _The Life Settlement Market is Heating Up_ dated Feb. 17, 2017 By Robin S. Weinberger and Peter N. Katz offers current commentary on the Secondary Life Settlement Market. The general overview is that as more baby boomers and senior consumers begin to solely rely on their retirement savings and SSI, they are facing shortfalls in funding their retirement and......