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  • Is There Any Retirement Planning Software that Can Handle Indexed Annuities Well?
    I really don't know many of the retirement planning tools that are out there, but it seems like the few I've come across, none of them have the ability to include indexed annuities in a retirement plan. Pretty much all of them can include a systematic withdrawal percentage from a stock/bond portfolio. Many others can include variable annuities either with or without an income rider. But are......
  • Creating a Lead Generating Website for Medsupps, Retirement Planning
    Hey all, I'm looking to create a brand and an online presence this year and need a little direction. Currently I don't have a website. My reasons for creating a website are: generating leads for new prospects, staying in front of existing medsupp clients, and creating a source of valuable information on other areas of interest like retirement planning, social security, annuities, etc. in order......