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  • The present and the future of Final Expense sales
    Increased competition and evolving prospects mean Final Expense agents need to find more advanced ways of acquiring leads and reaching prospects, according to Forums member and FE specialist Douglas Massi.
  • InsureTech startup Apliant takes pro-agent approach to helping consumers easily shop for insurance
    Boston-based company’s SaaS platform helps independent agents connect with more customers who are actively seeking auto coverage – with homeowners, renters and more markets on the way.
  • Q&A: A tech startup’s experience at InsureTech Connect
    Agent Review CEO Jonas Roeser shares his thoughts after attending last week’s insuretech event in Las Vegas – about both the conference vibe and why it’s an exciting time to be innovating in the insurance industry.
  • 5 tips to reboot your email marketing - and why it (still) works
    When it comes to marketing insurance, email should be an integral component of an integrated multi-channel campaign strategy. With the right data and a well-crafted email message, targeting and acquiring new policyholders with email can be the key differentiator between you and the competition. Here are 5 tips to get you started.
  • Let data tell you the best day and time to dial that lead
    The question often asked by agents new to dialing on leads is, “When do I call, and how often?” When you use the science and statistics behind lead dialing to increase your effectiveness, you can cut out a lot of useless dialing and follow-up to focus on other business-generating tasks.
  • 7 tips to increase final expense sales results
    David Duford shares these easy and actionable ways to measurably increase final expense sales activity, hitting on many things agents don’t do but should.
  • New 'LinkedIn ProFinder' - a great opportunity to generate leads?
    LinkedIn recently launched a free new service called ProFinder that will match LinkedIn members with freelance professionals in a variety of industries – including insurance and financial services. Is there value in pursuing this as a passive source of warm leads?
  • Tinker your way to success: 5 ways to improve on ‘good enough’
    Nothing arrives full blown, complete, or even correct – and that includes sales presentations, marketing plans, proposals or anything else we do. Our best work takes time and it takes a lot of tinkering. Here’s how to go about it and the difference it can make in moving beyond a “just get it done and out the door” mindset.
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  • 10,000 Aged Health Insurance Leads
    I'm looking to PURCHASE 10,000 aged health insurance leads ever two weeks at .08 cents per lead. Send me a message if interested....
  • Buyers of Health Insurance Leads
    Can anyone recommend a national company who buys insurance leads?...
  • Any Recommendations for Cheap Recycled Health Insurance Leads?
    I am looking for old recycled leads for health insurance. I can't spend anymore money on good leads. Are they any companies that sell names and numbers cheap in bulk? Any help would be appreciated. I am looking at sales Genie currently.......
  • Find Buyers for Auto Insurance Leads
    I have an auto insurance related website that gets around 500 visits per month from search engines and generates quality leads mostly from regions in Florida. Where can i find buyers for the leads generated from my site? What is the average rate i could get for selling such leads?...
  • Inbound Auto Insurance Leads from Florida
    My website generates 200+ inbound auto insurance leads from florida. Currently working with a network that pays $10 per lead. Looking for better pay. Any suggestions?...
  • Health Insurance Leads
    Hey guys looking for a reliable lead source in PA. Philadelphia/Bucks County area. I want to get involved in the Marketplace and also people who are dual eligible MA. ASAP Anyone who has a lead source let me know. Thanks guys!!...
  • Health Insurance Leads
    Could anyone suggest any reputable vendor that provides health insurance leads? Did tried netquote and didn't left me good experience....... Thanks in advance...
  • Commercial Insurance Leads
    Just curious if anyone has had success with Lead Orchard or CGL for setting appointments for small business commercial appointments? Or any other good ones...