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  • MoO News... New Phone Interview
    MoO rep on andy albright weekly show announced that MoO coming out with optional phone interview for Living Promise product for immediate approval(or not)...
  • I Need Examples of Bad Assurity Interviews
    I know everyone told to give up on this but I finally have the attention of a senior executive at Assurity. Their biggest issue they need to fix is the interview. They have asked to provide them with particularly tough interviews so he can personally listen to them and make changes to the process. What we need are names and policy numbers along with a bit of background on the case. Please get......
  • What's Up with LBL and Equitable Not Doing POS Interview on Sat?
    This seems strange...
  • FE Agent Training Interview with David Duford
    Click link below for new audio training interview: Agent Audio Interviews (
  • Interview About FE and Different Leads
    Interview with FE agent and lead expert David Duford: Agent Audio Interviews (
  • Final Expense Agent Interviews
    New audio series available to all. First interview with David Duford of is now available for your listening pleasure: Agent Audio Interviews (
  • New Expert Final Expense Audio Interview with Matt Mungia
    Click on link below for the newest audio interview: Agent Audio Interviews (
  • FE Agent Training Interview with Matt Mungia Aka SpurCity
    For this great audio interview click the link below: Agent Audio Interviews (