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  • Are you in a Success Rut?
    If you feel like you are operating on autopilot, have lost sight of your goals and are just going through the motions, you may be in a “Success Rut.” Here’s how to dig out of it.
  • 9 ways to become your company’s MVP
    Differentiation makes the difference for those who want to be known as their company’s most valuable employee – and the one on the fast track for advancement. These ways to set your self apart from others can help you get there.
  • Keys to financially empower women
    A top female producer affiliated with Ohio National Financial Services shares some of her best practices for building strong, lasting relationships with women clients.
  • Why more advisors are turning to a holistic retirement planning approach
    A new report from IRI concludes that holistic planning with a focus on income-generating strategies will help advisors address a demographic-driven growing demand for lifetime income.
  • Why companies can’t get marketing right
    Marketing fails when it doesn’t turn prospective buyers into believers. What will make marketing work, and what should a company do to get its marketing on the right track and keep it there? The answer is in asking the right questions.
  • Agencies look to next generation for their office space needs
    Is your agency in the market for new office space? Whether you need more space due to growth, a more suitable location, more modern space equipped for today’s technology, expert Tere Blanca explains how to navigate the complexities of aligning your office space with your business goals.
  • CPS’ Peter Holden honored with 2016 Mooers Award as NAILBA 35 wraps up in Dallas
    Former NAILBA chairman and CPS Insurance Services CEO earns the insurance brokerage industry’s top individual honor as part of the association’s annual meeting.
  • 14 everyday attitudes that kill success
    What keeps people who seem like they have a lot of potential from being successful? Some reasons are obvious — lack of the right skills, bad luck, having other goals, or just being plain lazy. More likely, they suffer from everyday attitudes that are so much apart of us we can’t see the damage they’re doing.
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  • Test Teachers or Texas Insurance Training Academy
    Test Teachers or Texas Insurance Training Academy, which one will prepare you to pass the Life and Health Exam for Texas on the first try. I see the Equita offers a coupon code for Texas Insurance Training Academy on their website....
  • Sales Sentinel More Training, Really?
    Got this email, I imagine I am not the only one. I did my AHIP, and then then some carrier certs through the Sales Sentinel. Was able to bypass the core training. Do you think we still need to do this? Or maybe AHIP will be coming out with some additional training as well? Based on the CMS released 2015 agent training checklist and 2015 Enrollment guidance, a brief supplemental course has......
  • Training - Materials, Processes, Experience and Advice
    I am currently working as a Licensed Producer for a Captive Agent. Learning the ropes in the Auto / Casualty Side and starting to learn the Commercial side also. Have extensive experience in Life, but am not yet Health Licensed. I am licensed only for Illinois at the moment. Plan on opening my own agency in 2 to 3 years, but would like to get all of my ducks in a row. What advice......
  • Training Associations Now LIVE in 50 States
    If you join Medicare Training 101 ( you are also a member of Independent Life Insurance Agent Association ( We're now live in all states for only $19.95 per months with great discounts that more than pay for the cost of membership. In fact, discounts include lists, dialer, CSG Actuarial, and many others. Rick...
  • Medigap Training
    Hi all, I'm currently new in the FE market and doing pretty well, but hoping to get more by cross selling my clients. I've heard med supp, and annuities are common cross sales. Just looking to get some suggestions- where is the best place to get training selling medigap, etc?...
  • Recommendations for Online License Training in CA...
    Evening gang. Can anyone recommend a good online training to best prepare me to pass the CA licensing exam? I'm going to be selling commercial insurance, but would like to be able to offer personal lines as well "just in case". Thanks!!...
  • Youtube Videos Training
    Are there any FE agents who have made YouTube videos of your presentations? I know Doug, Agentguy5, does. I basically do what he does, but was curious to watch other videos if you have any. Thanks! Amber...
  • Final Expense Training Part 1 of 12
    *Part 1 Get Your Head Straight* I thought it would be great to start a group of threads that can "deeply" cover Selling Final Expense life insurance and what it takes to be successful. Every day I speak with agents and I noticed that a lot of us come into this business already "Broken". When I first got into "sales" it was tough for me. I had some personal "self esteem" issues that......