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  • A Small Firm Takes a Proactive Approach to Embracing Technology
    Last year, an agent in the forum outlined his plan for changes in the pipeline for his small brokerage.  His goals included consolidating technology, cutting down on technology costs, implementing modern solutions, and simplifying / optimizing workflow.
  • CRM Review
    Looking for the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform?  Look no further, our forum members have gone to the trouble of providing some insight into their CRM preferences.  Some of the best platforms, as follows:
  • The Insurance Agent’s Dream Software
    What are your most pressing technology issues as an insurance agent?  Recently, a forum member came to the forum to seek input on his potential software development company.  He has been seeking an understanding of the trials and tribulations that agents face, in order to try and assist them with these problems through technology.
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